SMMSS – Support to Modernisation of Mongolia’s Standardisation System, EuropeAid/134305/C/SER/MN
Room 206 A-C
Mongolian Authority for Standardisation and Metrology Building
Peace Avenue 46A
Ulaanbataar 13343
Tel:  +976 7000 4844, +976 7000 8910
When calling from EU, please use our UK redirect number: +44 20 3287 4704.

  • Mr. Henk de Pauw

    Mr. Henk de Pauw

    Team Leader

    Mr. Henk de Pauw is responsible for the execution of the project, the overall planning and implementation of the project including timely submission of required reports, co-ordination of all project activities, organizing and supervising all project management matters, lead drafting of the strategic documents resulting from the project and management the team of experts.


    Tel: +976 7000 3763

  • Mrs. Bumdari Regzendorj

    Mrs. Bumdari Regzendorj

    Legal Expert

    Mrs. Bumdari Regzendorj is responsible for the implementation of activities in the result areas 1,3,4, and 5. She also supports the team leader in drafting the key project reports including at least the Inception Report, Overall Work Plan, Annual Work Plan, Progress Reports and the Final Reports.


    Tel: +976 7000 3763

  • Project Support Staff

    Project Support Staff


    Ms. Purevdavaa
    General Office Manager
    Tel: +976 7000 4844

    Ms. Agizul
    Financial Officer
    Tel: +976 7000 1511

    Ms. Batzaya
    Project Translator
    Tel: +976 7000 8910

    Ms. Baigali
    Legal Translator

    Tel: +976 7000 4844