Events | SMMSS

2017/01/23 - 2017/02/03
During the mission, the expert will work on capacity building for the MFA internally  to provide a thorough grounding on the WTO legal framework and establish a coordination system between MFA and the other stakeholders (MOFALI, SPS notification authority and MASM, TBT notification authority).

2017/01/30 - 2017/02/03
improve the NRCP which is in preparation by the working group; the document has to be a general regulatory one in order to give a legal base for next years (This document has to plan a minimum rules for follow up of non compliant results); update the NRCP delivered by…

2016/06/21 - 2016/07/08
The draft of the Law on Standardization, Technical Regulation and Accreditation has been developed and provided and the official letter about submitting this draft of the law was forwarded to Parliament Administration on 01 Mar 2016 by Prime Minister. At this point, the draft law has nearly reached its final…

2016/05/30 - 2016/06/03
Hold a training for business operators and its local branches for certification on Role and significance of management system standards (ISO/IEC 9001 and 14001 and OHSAS 18001) in International/EU market; Certification policy, usage of certification scheme; Difference between EU CE and Chinese CCC marking.