The main project beneficiaries will be:

MASMAgency of Standardisation and Metrology of Mongolia /MASM/

Agency of Standardization and Metrology (MASM) is a regulatory agency of Government of Mongolia within jurisdiction of First Deputy Prime Minister. MASM is central government administration responsible for Standardization, metrology, accreditation, certification for products and systems, assay inspection. In Mongolia, MASM develops and publishes national standards, operates a rudimentary metrology service, certifies products to these standards and operates an accreditation system.


General Agency for Specialized Inspection /GASI/GASI

Another organization of importance in this regard in Mongolia is the General Agency for Specialized Inspections (GASI), the main inspection body in Mongolia that was established in 2002 under the Parliament decision no 58 and the Government resolution no 162 of 2002 by merging 13 inspection departments and agencies that used to belong to various ministries.

The following objectives will be provided in order to implement main goal of the GASI.

  1. To arrange implementation of the Specialized Inspection related laws and regulations, supervision policy planned on the strategic management
  2. To provide the Government Administrative Inspection service as like International standards, to prevent the negative influences of the human health , to live and work in safe healthy environment and to consume good quality products and services, to build favorable business condition
  3. To strengthen International cooperation and Government management policy


MoFaAMinistry of Food and Agriculture

The mission of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture is to develop a value added network through defining and implementing appropriate sector policies and optimal use of resources and increase in economic growth and industrial development, population and to ensure food security.


Ministry of JusticeMoJ

The mission of the Ministry of Justice is to ensure justice and rule of law while forging legal grounds for human rights and freedom in Mongolia.


MoFMinistry of Finance

The main mission of the Ministry of Finance is to create a favorable environment of finance and budget to improve the living standards of Mongolian people, and to ensure proper financial management.


Ministry of Foreign AffairsMoFA

The mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Mongolian national security and national development is to create a favorable external environment.
In fulfilling this mission Mongolian foreign relations of the National Security Concept, defined the concept of foreign policy principles and guidelines with regard to the new conditions of the country and around the world have been sustained and vital national interests, with the goal of sustainable development independent, open, multi-stakeholder conducting an active foreign policy and foreign policy continuity and uphold the integrity of Mongolian national independence and sovereignty, and to strengthen the position of the international community to be guided by the objectives of continued operation.