The project stakeholders are Mongolian authorities and agencies, industry and business associations and traders, and last but not least, Mongolian consumers. Main stakeholders are the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MONEF.


MNCCIMNCCI – Mongolian National Chambers of Commerce and Industry

The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the non-governmental, business advocacy institution in Mongolia acting since 1960. MNCCI actively cooperates with more than 40 international Chambers of Commerce and 100 Trade promotion organizations from 41 countries. The MNCCI is a full member of international Chamber of Commerce, the Asian Trade Promotion Forum and the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


MONEFMONEF – Mongolian Employers’ Federation

Mongolian Employers’ Federation is an independent and non-government membership and self-financing organization. MONEF has been established on 29th of September, 1990 by 35 private company owners, voluntarily affiliated. It was established with the aim to support the employers’ interest and as well as promoting the private sector’s development through it is services.

The name was changed to Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF) by the second assembly resolution, in 1998. Today, MONEF is a NATIONWIDE organization embracing 21 regional employers’ associations, representing agency in 60 soums, 41 professional associations, 12 sectoral associations and representing collectively around 8100 business in the manufacturing, construction, transportation, banking, insurance and service sectors.
 MONEF has responsibility of providing members and members-organizations with necessary information, training, consultancy services on related subjects, and playing an important role on developing cooperated activities with other Employers’ organizations at the International Level.
 As the sole organization with the resources to tackle a broad range of labour issues in Mongolia, MONEF is committed helping members to be better informed and represented. It plays an important role in the decision making process at the National Tripartite Committee. 
MONEF’s membership is open to all local and foreign employers in Mongolia, who support MONEF’s mission and it is objectives.