The Closing Event

The Closing Event

Closing event of EU project, on improving food and product standards to benefit business and consumers in the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky, 14 June 2017, ASEM Ger

On 14 June 2017, the EU and Mongolia announces the closing of the SMMSS Project- Support to the Modernisation of Mongolia’s Standardisation System.

The aim of this event is to discuss Mongolia’s trade potential and how to improve trust with trading partners, as well as reflect on the results of the project, which was established last 3 years on the field of quality infrastructure. The event will offer an opportunity to exchange information among all parties, and propose further instructions and directions regarding the support of other donor projects .The closing event for the SMMSS Project will be held in the presence of representatives of all high-level stakeholders and decision makers, such as the Deputy Prime Minister, as well as officials of the EU Delegation, EU Ambassadors, and representatives of the project partners.

The event will be opened by Mr. U.Khurelsukh, the Deputy Prime Minister, whose remarks will be followed by welcoming remarks by Mr Lar Gronvald, Head of Development and Cooperation, the EU Delegation to Mongolia. Next, presentations will be delivered by the Project Partners and beneficiaries focusing on the Standards, trade and support to value chains, how quality standards in the minds of companies were improved during last 3 years, Improving trade through quality standards, as well as a project sustainability.

The project “Support to the Modernisation of Mongolia’s Standardisation System” , with a budged of 3.75 million euro, was launched in April 1st 2014 and focused on standardisation, accreditation, market surveillance, consumer protection, national quality programs and human resource capacity building, with the aim of contributing to Mongolia adopting, in order to stimulate trade and assist in ensuring the safety of products and food, as well as aid institutional capacity building.

It is concluded that the project goals fulfilled with the positive impact to the Mongolian administration to effectively develop and manage the modernization of Mongolia’s standardisation system.

It is expected that 200 participants will attend.